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Caddy Speed Link

Universal Support System Caddy Speed Link is a universal support system guaranteed to reduce installation time. A cost-effective alternative to threaded rod, strut and strut nuts, this innovative system has … Continue reading

Caddy CAT Links

Cutting Edge Caddy CAT Links is the most technologically advanced cable support system from Erico. Caddy CAT Links is UL listed and meets the fire rating requirements for DIN 4102-12 … Continue reading

Caddy All-In-One Electrical Assemblies

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Electrical Contractor Caddy asked electrical contractors what problems they face and how Caddy innovation can help meet their needs. They heard a consistent message: find a … Continue reading

Caddy Telescoping Strut Replacement

No More Cutting Sections of Strut to Size The Telescoping Strut Replacement is an innovative alternative to using strut-based trapeze or support structures to support cable tray, conduit or pipe. … Continue reading

Wiremold Evolution Series Floor Box

Now one floor box works everywhere – and changes everything. Until now, different floor types called for different style floor boxes.  The idea that a single floor box could be … Continue reading

Southwire SIMpull WireBARREL

Finally, a Real Solution to Reel Problems Say goodbye to wire carts and hello to a new way of pulling branch circuit wire. Introducing the SIMpull WireBARREL circuit Barrellel system, … Continue reading

Southwire MCAP Type MC All Purpose

The Next Generation in Metal-Clad Cable MCAP® cable revolutionizes cable installation. This patented Southwire innovation can save you up to 30 percent in installation time and costs. UL-listed and NEC-compliant … Continue reading

Legrand Pass and Seymour PlugTail Switches-Receptacles

P&S Plugtail switches and receptacles bring productivity and profitability to a higher level. P&S PlugTail Switches and Receptacles help commercial contractors be more competitive on wiring device projects while offering … Continue reading

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