2008 NEC Code Changes

As the Commonwealth of Virginia plans to move forward to the 2008 NEC Code sooner or later, it is important for everyone to be prepared to make the transition as seamlessly and painlessly as possible. Here we will outline many of the sections of code that have been altered, as well as provide a few product options that will keep you

warm in the coming years while your competition freezes. Don’t be left out in the cold!

The cool residential and commercial industries will have many changes related to electrical wiring devices. The use and placement of GFCI receptacles in residential dwellings has been plowed through to allow smooth sledding. In addition, outdoor receptacles and weather-proof covers have received attention in the 2008 code. The new safety precautions will provide safety from chilly dangers for homeowners. Legrand Pass and Seymour has provided a great resource for your reference to the specifics of these changes.

PDF Icon Download an Overview of the 2008 NEC Co

de Changes

The industrial side of the NEC Code will have a snowball’s chance at being ignored in the 2008 revision. Updates for hazardous locations received a good look-over to better identify the needs of each class and division. Cooper Crouse-Hinds published two articles for your reference, including a Code Digest and a Code Changes Reference Guide. Please see below:

PDF Icon 2008 NEC Changes Reference Guide

PDF Icon 2008 Code Digest

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